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Corneal Refractive Therapy (Orthokeratology)

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Orthokeratology, commonly called ortho-k, is a method used to correct myopia (nearsightedness) by wearing rigid gas permeable contact lenses overnight, so that no corrective lenses are needed during daytime hours.

Gas permeable (GP) lenses specialized for ortho-k are inserted at bedtime and worn as you sleep. Throughout the night, the lenses reshape your cornea gently so that your vision becomes clear on the following morning. The correction is temporary, and ideally no eyeglasses or contact lenses will be needed on the next day or two. In order to maintain sharp visual acuity on a daily basis, you need to wear the ortho-k reshaping lenses every night.

We use Paragon Vision Sciences, who produces “Corneal Refractive Therapy” (CRT) lenses for ortho-k.

Candidates for CRT

CRT lenses can only correct near-sightedness, or myopia. Individuals of all ages with healthy eyes can try ortho-k because it can be discontinued at any point without permanent effects to the eyes.

People who require vision correction and engage regularly in sports or work in extremely dusty, dirty environments will also appreciate the convenience of ortho-k.

Myopia Control

Now considered a major health concern, myopia (nearsightedness) has increased by 66% in the United States since 1971. Onset can begin as early as age 6, and early detection is the key to prevention and reduction of potentially serious complications later in life.

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) lenses have been shown to help reduce the amount of myopia that a child develops. This is called myopia control, read more here.


Vision Results from Orthokeratology

Success rates for ortho-k are generally higher for more mild vision prescriptions. The ideal goal is to provide 20/20 vision without any need for eyeglasses or contacts during the day.

According to FDA trials conducted on CRT lenses, more than 65% of ortho-k patients achieved 20/20 visual acuity. A whopping number of more than 90% of ortho-k patients achieved 20/40 vision or better (this is the legal requirement for driving without vision correction in most states). Consult with your eye doctor to find out if your vision prescription is within range for successful ortho-k treatment.

Note that although improvement in vision is generally reported within a day or two of wearing ortho-k overnight, the full effects may not be experienced until the lenses are worn for a few weeks. During this transition period, your vision will probably not be as crisp as it was with regular contacts or eyeglasses, and glare or halos around lights may be visible. Until ortho-k works fully, a temporary pair of soft contacts may be required.

How Do CRT Lenses Feel?

Although some people have trouble wearing regular gas permeable contact lenses during the day, Ortho-K lenses are worn while sleeping – so discomfort and awareness of the lenses in your eyes is generally not an issue.

What does CRT Cost?

Professional fitting for CRT lenses generally requires several visits and multiple pairs of fitting lenses before a fit is finalized. CRT lenses also cost more than standard contacts.


The total fee for our services related to your Corneal Refractive Therapy is $1399

We also offer a convenient patient financing program of $349.75/month for 4 months

The above fee includes:

  • All office visits, lens fitting, and training related to CRT lenses for 12 months
  • A finalized set of CRT lenses ($400 value)
  • A spare pair of CRT lenses ($400 value)

The above fee must be paid (at least in-part) before your Paragon CRT therapeutic lenses are dispensed.


Each year you will be required to update your CRT lenses due to wear and tear of the lens, whether there is a prescription change or not.

The new lenses are included with your yearly fitting fee of $500.

We will also exchange your unopened spare pair at that time.

All prices subject to change without prior notification.


We recommend that you always have a spare pair of lenses. Treatment may be compromised if disrupted by discontinued wear due to lost or damaged lenses. Your initial fitting includes a second pair of lenses. These lenses will be dispensed within the first 60 days of successful treatment.

Subsequent Paragon CRT lenses (if needed) will be replaced at a cost of $300 each.

It is not recommended that the spare pair is opened unless the first pair is lost or damaged. We can exchange unopened spare pairs at no cost to you whenever there is a prescription change for the primary pair, saving you the purchase cost of a spare pair of CRT lenses in the most up-to-date prescription.


It is a rare occurrence in health care that any procedure succeeds in every case. Should either you (the patient) or the Doctor decide to discontinue treatment within the first 6 months of this agreement, then the amount of your refund will be $400 and you will receive an Eyecare Associates of Bluffton credit of $800 that can be used towards the purchase of glasses or contacts.